Antill Park Country Golf Club

Nestled in the charming township of Picton, at the gentle southern slopes of the Razorback Mountains, Antill Park Country Golf Club extends a warm and inviting welcome to all. We are honored to serve as the guardians of a magnificent 18-hole course, renowned for its scenic beauty and a challenging Par 70 layout. 

At the heart of our club lies a vibrant and warm atmosphere, cultivated by our wonderful members and dedicated staff. Whether you’re stepping into our Pro Shop, seeking expert advice from our Golf Professional, or being welcomed with a cheerful smile at our Clubhouse, you’ll feel the genuine hospitality that makes Antill Park so special.

Our History – Where it all began

Welcome to the historic Antill Park Country Golf Club, a place where history and the love for golf intertwine. Our clubhouse, a structure steeped in history, was built in 1864 by Major General John Macquarie Antill, who resided here with his family. It’s a remarkable thought that as the Antill family laid the foundations for what is now our Pro Shop and their home, the American Civil War raged across the seas.

In time, the property transitioned hands to the Maldon Cement Works, which repurposed the residence into housing for their employees, creating seven flats within the structure.

Our golfing journey began distinctively away from where we stand today, originally on the Redbank Estate, which is now the site of Mitre 10. The vision for a new course led the committee to the Antill family in 1961, proposing a lease for the 92-acre estate to establish a new home for golf in the area. With Council securing a lease of the grounds, the Antill Park Committee secured a sub-lease from Council. Through a collaborative effort, which included a public meeting in Picton, Antill Park Golf Club was born, marking the beginning of a new chapter on this historic ground.

The inaugural efforts to create the course culminated in 1963 with a community working bee, leading to the first game played in June and the official opening of the 9-hole course in September. Interestingly, the club celebrated its opening with a single-day liquor license, setting the stage for a festive beginning that would soon see the course expand to 12 holes by 1966 and reach its full 18-hole glory in 1969.

The dedication to this land was further cemented in 1978 when the council acquired the property from the Antill family, ensuring its legacy as a cornerstone of our community.

Reflecting on the modest beginnings of our membership costs in 1963, which was merely 2 pounds, we are reminded of the value and enduring spirit of our club.

As custodians of this remarkable legacy, we warmly invite you to be part of Antill Park Country Golf Club’s ongoing story, a tale of tradition, community, and the timeless allure of golf.

Our Board

Stuart Meredith

Member #2608

Barry Elliott

Vice President
Member #0477

Mark D’Souza

Member #1545

Anna-Marie Kennedy

Member #1114

Walter Bergmann

Member #0007

Sharon Peters

Member #2313

Dress Code

Antill Park Country Golf Club prides itself on maintaining a high standard of dress regulations, both in the Clubhouse and on the Course. We expect all members, guests, and visitors to adhere to these standards.


  • Collared / un-collared polo shirts and sleeveless polo shirts for women
  • Tidy or tailored shorts or pants, skorts/skirts and tights
  • Soft spike golf shoes or flat soled shoes are to be worn


  • Exercise tops and singlets
  • Thongs and non-standard footwear such as work boots
  • Ripped or torn clothing
  • Offensive logo shirts


  • Neat, casual attire


  • Hats, caps and beanies can be worn on the course but are not permitted in the Clubhouse
  • Offensive logo shirts

Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

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